Blaze SMT Crash protection program.

A popular support strategy: Crash protection program incorporates a number of recent and new innovations to help protect you against data loss, business interruptions and lost hours.

  • Blaze Crash PreventionOne of the frustrating issues with computers and networks is the inevitable downtime incurred by system failure. 

  • Use the Blaze SMT gateway and Remote Monitor services to reduce downtime. 
  • Avoid the frustration of dealing with computer downtime. Use the Blaze SMT Crash Protection Service to provide pre-emptive monitoring and notification.
  • Build Crash Prevention in to your network now. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about this service. 


How much does computer downtime cost your organistation?

With our growing reliance on computers and technology we now depend on them more than ever. However, recent studies show that computer users often don't backup or adequately protect themselves against data loss.

"What we need is a computer system that tells us when it is going to have a hardware or operating system failure."  

Say hello to Blaze Tech's SMT Gateway and monitoring tools for PC's. 

Blaze Tech's self monitoring computer systems are built for personal and business use.  Our Blaze SMT systems will notify you before your system fails that your computer requires attention.   Well that could be slightly helpful :)  

Rather than wait for the inevitable surprise and expense of finding that your computer has failed, install our SMT system and we will notify you if there are any components in your computer having problems. Typically notification happens by e-mail or mobile SMS. . 


Blaze SMT 3.x

blaze SMT

Blaze SMT 3 is now compatible with ThermalTake Gold.

The installation package is compatible with ThermalTake Gold.

Mobile Ready

Crash Protection


Blaze SMT has been specialy built and design optimized for modern mobile devices iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile-based.

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Full details about all template features can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.

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