Blaze Chart

 Key Features for Blaze Chart:

  1. Uses "Metastock" format files. These files are usually available at no charge from stock broker
  2. Data resides on your computer, so no ongoing fees to access charts
  3. Create HLCO charts
  4. Supports Moving average and Reliance Indicators
  5. Integrated with Blaze Folio
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Moving averages and Trend lines:

As well as traditional moving average indicators, Trend lines are helpful for marking underlying trends 

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Trading Notes:

Blaze Chart makes provision for capturing your own market notes. This is a good place to capture trading diary and trading plan information.   Notes can be kept regarding dividends and fundamentals. These notes are then captured and can be displayed directly on the charts.

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Stock scanning functions:

Scan the top S&P indicies for buying opportunities using the Blaze reliance indicator. Blaze Reliance indicator uses Copock's statistical analysis techniques to create a weighted indicator.

The Reliance indicator is a longer term indicator using approximately 52 weeks of information to produce a weekly market directional indicator. This indicator has been traditionally used on indicies but is also applicable to well capitalised and high volume trading stocks. 

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Blaze SMT 3.x

blaze SMT

Blaze SMT 3 is now compatible with ThermalTake Gold.

The installation package is compatible with ThermalTake Gold.

Mobile Ready

Crash Protection


Blaze SMT has been specialy built and design optimized for modern mobile devices iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile-based.

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Full details about all template features can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.

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