Blaze Halo IP Networking:

Halo IP networks transform traditional networks in terms of reach, penetration and required infrastructure. Using  under utilised bandwith at levels 2 & 3 of ISO IP Networking stack, Halo IP networking builds in redundancy and resiliance to IT infrastructure.

The lower levels of the IP networking stack are used for flow control.  Optimising L2 and L3 by adaptive interframe spacing will significantly improve network infrastructure. Halo networking tools allows administrators to monitor L2 and L3 speeds and tune these often hidden router and NIC options. Bridging network infrastructure using Network Interface bandwidth monitoring provides network calibration. Recent upgrade to this Network Security Tookit (NST) service include: 

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  • Graphically monitor Network Bandwidth rates on each configured network interface within the NST WUI.

  • User selectable network interface network interface to monitor.

  • Interactive display using dynamic SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

  • User selectable AJAX query updates providing a pseudo real-time Bandwidth Rate presentation.

  • Automatic and manual bandwidth rate scale adjustments.

  • Pause individual graphs for analysis or synchronize both Received/Transmit graphs when using a TAP for monitoring.

Resiliant Networks:

Internet Protocol networks are designed to be inherently resilient, but over time many networks develop single points of failure. Halo resilent networks incorporates a Network Security Toolkit featuring: 

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  • Multi-Tap Network Packet Capture
  • Web-Based Network Security Tools Management
  • Host/IPv4 Address Geolocation
  • Network/System Monitoring
  • Network Intrusion Detection
  • Multi-Port Terminal Server
  • VNC Session Management
  • Network Interface Bandwidth Monitor
  • Active Connections Monitor
  • Network Segment ARP Scanner
  • Network Packet Capture CloudShark Upload Support

These network security tools provide administrators an unprecedented network performance monitoring framework.


Halo Resiliant Networks.

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Blaze Halo networking hardware optimises and calibrates underutilised bandwidth at ISO layers 2 & 3. 


21st century business continuity demands resiliant networks. Making networks fault tollerant and bandwidth optimised ensures not only that your data is safe, but now also ensures your communications are secure.  



Blaze SMT 3.x

blaze SMT

Blaze SMT 3 is now compatible with ThermalTake Gold.

The installation package is compatible with ThermalTake Gold.

Mobile Ready

Crash Protection


Blaze SMT has been specialy built and design optimized for modern mobile devices iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile-based.

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Full details about all template features can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.

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